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In classical mechanics a phonon designates a normal mode of vibration. A phonon is the quantum mechanical description of an elementary vibrational motion in which a lattice of atoms or molecules uniformly oscillates at a single frequency. Every physical property of a solid-state system that is determined by the position of the atoms is strongly affected by acoustic phonons. In our team we focus on nanophononics: we generate, manipulate, and detect acoustic phonons at the nanoscale, and control how they interact with other excitations. Unlike audible sound, there are no readily available sources and detectors of acoustic phonons, therefore our experiments rely on optical techniques. If you want to know more about how we control these atomic vibrations, and how light can be used to study them, navigate through our site!

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Laboratory news
We moved! Our new scientific home is now in Palaiseau!

Nanophononic articles
Our paper on subwavelenght engineering for optomechanical waveguides is online!
Check it out here. 2020

Our paper on fiber-integrated microcavities for coherent acoustic phonons is online!
Check it out here. 2020

Our paper on phononic modes in mesoporous materials is online!
Check it out here. 2020

Next conferences
SPIE Photonics West, Mar 06-11 2021, San Francisco, USA

APS March Meeting, Mar 15-19 2021, (online)

E-MRS Spring Meeting, May 31 – Jun 04 2021, Strasbourg, France


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