Congratulations to Anne Rodriguez

Congratulations to Anne Rodriguez

Anne Rodriguez received the Optomechanics & Nanomechanics thesis award “Dylan Cattiaux” 2023, during the 8th GDR MecaQ Annual meeting at Lille.

Her thesis work entitled “Brillouin scattering in optophononic heterostructures working at ultrahigh acoustic frequencies” is available here.

During her PhD, she studied topological phononic devices made of semiconductor superlattices to control the confinement and the propagation of acoustic phonons in the tens to hundreds of gigahertz range. She also developed within the team experimental Brillouin spectroscopy schemes to access the confined acoustic modes in planar and micropillar optophonic cavities where both acoustic phonons in the 20GHz range and near infrared light can be simultaneously confined.

Congratulations Anne!

Elham Mehdi

Postdoctoral Researcher

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